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3 Steps To Anger Management Posters




3 Steps To Anger Management Posters

This colourful poster is a useful reminder to students on three crucial steps to managing anger:

Step 1 – Prevent
·  Understand that anger helps you know what you like and don’t like
·  Know your triggers
·  Learn to negotiate.

Step 2 – Prepare
·  Plenty of positive self-talk 
·  I am calm right now
·  I can stay calm
·  I can manage my angry feelings.

Step 3 – Practise
·  Count backwards from 15
·  Imagine somewhere nice and picture yourself being there
·  Jog or jump on the spot
·  Either solve it or leave it
·  Be assertive.

The pack includes 5 copies of the Anger Management A3 colour poster which can be put up around the school in strategic spots and classrooms and a CD Rom which contains printable A4 copies of the poster which can be handed out to students as a personal reminder. 

Poster Size: A3 

Suitable for all ages.

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