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All About Friends Discussion Cards




All About Friends Discussion Cards

All About Friends Cards


Friendships and relationships form an important part of our lives, but creating them takes time, effort and commitment. 

We all have preconceptions of the type of friend we may wish to have but actually, life often throws us into contact with people who come from different backgrounds and social spheres: although we may not have thought so beforehand, we can then go on to form deep and lasting relationships with these people as well as those we meet through interaction within our immediate environment


These cards challenge some of those preconceptions and through discussion enable the participants to examine some of the myths and beliefs that underlie their ideas of friendship.
The cards include statements on internet ‘friendships’: these ‘friends’ can be people who are actually friends of friends who ask to be included in the friendship circle which so grows wider and wider. Young people frequently appear to believe that their social value and worth depends upon growing this circle of friends and that their lives need to be recorded in detail for friends to ‘like’.  By stimulating discussion, the cards will encourage youngsters to think about what true friendship really entails and why social network friends may not be based on real friendship.

2013, Contains 36 A5 Cards


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