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All About Success Discussion Cards




All About Success Discussion Cards

All About Success Discussion Cards


Challenge the ideas surrounding success, increase confidence and raise awareness of goal setting.


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Achieving success in life means different things to different people: for example, some judge it by social interactions; some by academic achievements; some by the acquisition of great wealth. In order to achieve our goals, we must first identify them but then, just as importantly, we need to adopt the strategies that will help us to succeed. Many people do not  achieve success, despite having the skills and knowledge to do so, because they  lack clear ideas of what is possible; they underestimate their abilities and set  their goals too low; they lack the tenacity to persist. These cards challenge  the ideas surrounding success and aim to raise expectations in all, especially  those students who have a less-privileged background and who therefore may lack adult support and guidance. By raising the topic of success through discussion, students have an opportunity to develop the following key skills and  attitudes:

· Self belief and confidence in one’s own abilities
· Realising the importance of goal-setting
· Understanding the need of planning for success
· Understanding what success means to them
· Persistence and tenacity
· Understanding the importance of social interaction and networking

 Includes 36 cards



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