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Anger Management Programme for Secondary Schools Ebook +++ BESTSELLER




Anger Management Programme for Secondary Schools Ebook +++ BESTSELLER

Anger Management Programme for Secondary Schools


Behaviour Change Programme




A comprehensive resource focusing on strength based solutions to control behaviour effectively.

This stimulating collection of lesson plans provides all the information you need to run a

successful Anger Management programme with secondary students, and is a must-have for any teaching

professional involved with this area. It is a step-by-step, straightforward programme that will

enable your students to gain the essential skills they need to develop their emotional literacy,

using real-life examples with which they will identify. During the course, participants will learn:

  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • impulse control
  • active listening
  • empathy
  • understanding of non-verbal cues
  • conflict resolution and mediation


This will result in a more optimistic outlook, a better focus and acceptance of other people. Central to the programme is how to deal with angry outbursts – known as ‘emotional hijacks’ – both pre- and post-hijack.


The aim, required resources and methods are outlined at the beginning of each lesson and are all accompanied by user-friendly, reproducible student and teacher worksheets.


Lessons include:

  • Feelings Focus recognises that there are many different ways to describe feelings and learning the vocabulary to
  • describe them
  • Different Kinds of Anger develops a vocabulary of anger words and introduces the concept of emotional hijacks.
  • What I Get Angry About helps students to identify their personal anger triggers and possible reactions.
  • What I Can Do When My Anger Is Building Up teaches students how to identify what triggers their anger and valuable techniques to use during the pre-hijack stage.
  • When I Talk to Myself explores the value of positive self-talk and provides pupils with a selection of techniques to use when they feel anger brewing.
  • Melt Down! explains the concept of emotional hijack – what happens when we ‘see red’!
  • Melt Down 2! teaches students that there are opportunities to stop themselves from exploding and outlines the three stages of emotional hijack, including the need to be handled separately.
  • After the Storm helps students to develop empathy for others.
  • Making ‘I’ Statements focuses on the post-hijack stage: how to repair the damage.
  • Rules for Myself encourages pupils to write themselves a set of rules for their behaviour and evaluate what they have learned about Anger Management.



2011, 74 A4 pages

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