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Assertiveness Board Game




Assertiveness Board Game

Assertiveness Board Game

Shay and Margaret McConnon

To create an opportunity for fun, assessment and practice in the skills of assertion. 

The Assertiveness game will heighten the student's awareness of and give practice in the skills of assertiveness. Being assertive improves people’s chances of getting what they want, reduces frustration, leads to open, positive relationships and increases feelings of self-worth.

Assertive people can communicate both positive and negative feelings clearly and honestly. They have the confidence to stand up for their rights. They do not suffer undue anxiety or guilt. They will regard the feelings and needs of others. They do not bully, ridicule, manipulate, mumble or sound apologetic. They maintain their own dignity and self-respect while respecting others. 

Encourages students to think about their behaviour and how they react: Aggressive, passive and assertive responses are explored.​


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