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Boyfriends, Girlfriends Programme: Your Choice




Boyfriends, Girlfriends Programme: Your Choice

Your Choice: Boyfriends, Girlfriends Programme

Shay and Margaret McConnon

Is a programme of structured experiences which aim to educate for sexuality by developing an understanding of, sensitivity to and respect for each individual in the relationship.

Young people often confuse love with sex or physical attraction. Essentially it is friendship, and as such involves risk, self-disclosure, empathy, respect and the other skills involved in relating in a positive way with others.

The book provides a number of opportunities for dialogue between the sexes in which students can learn from each other that sexual difference is not just biological but psychological, emotional and individual. Such dialogue can lessen the stress and anxiety that young people can experience in relationships with the opposite sex.


2013, 50 A4 pages, spiral binding


Strategies 1 -2
Contains low-risk exercises which direct attention to relationships between the sexes and the qualities one looks for in a partner. 
Strategies 3-4
Stereotyped attitudes between the sexes are viewed critically and the students share thoughts and feelings on how they are viewed and treated by each other.

Strategies 5-7
Students identify and evaluate those behaviours, attitudes and personal qualities that help and those that hinder boy/girl relationships.

Strategies 8-10
Students assess themselves and identify behaviour goals.

 Strategies 11 -13
Some common problems that exist in boy/girl relationships are addressed and an opportunity provided for students to be creative in describing what love is.

Strategy 14



The Full Programme


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