Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler Kit Version 5




Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler Kit Version 5

Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler Kit (vr 5)

Shane Langsford, Stephen Houghton and Graham Douglas

Includes: Online Software Licence (allows 150 administrations/uses), 1x Manual, 10 x Self-report forms, 10 x Teacher report forms, and 10 x Parent report forms

"The most widely used Australian global screening instrument of its type since 2004.”

The Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler is a reliable and valid instrument that simultaneously screens for the most common psychiatric, psychological and educational disorders among children and adolescents.

Oriented to the very latest edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5, the Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler  provides an accessible and affordable global screening instrument that can be used in the early identification of disorders crucial to formal diagnosis, intervention and prevention of further mental health or educational problems.

It has three screening forms (Self, Parent, and Teacher) that each take 15 minutes to complete and screens for 14 of the most prevalent psychiatric/psychological/educational disorders among those aged 2–17 years including:

  • anxiety disorders
  • attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • bipolar and related disorders
  • communication disorders
  • depressive disorders
  • disruptive, impulse-control, & conduct disorders
  • feeding and eating disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive and related disorders
  • specific learning disorders
  • trauma and stressor-related disorders.


The Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler is a screening instrument, not a diagnostic tool, so there are no restrictions on who can administer it. In fact, it can be self or parent administered and a relevant heath or educational professional contacted should the results suggest the need.

Currently there are a large number of health and educational professionals using the Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler on a regular basis with clients. These include:

  • Psychologists
  • Paediatricians
  • Psychiatrists
  • General Practitioners
  • Mental health nurses
  • Speech pathologists
  • Teachers
  • Parents


The psychprofiler has successfully addressed many of the shortcomings of existing instruments, and improves assessment and intervention by:

  • providing objective and reliable data from multiple observers using recognised diagnostic criteria (DSM; APA)
  • optimising the efficiency of clinical interviewing, often being used prior to the first session
  • assisting accurate diagnosis of disorders that share similar symptomology (i.e. differential diagnosis implications)
  • providing more accurate investigation of the presence of multiple disorders (i.e. comorbidity implications)
  • helping open the lines of communication, especially in relation to sensitive issues
  • incorporating crucial self-report information in the detection of socio-emotional/internal disorders
  • aiding the early identification of disorders, thus preventing further mental health problems
  • identifying the more covert disorders (often in mainstream) that would often remain unnoticed and untreated
  • aiding with the formulation of treatment programmes by identifying a large number of individual behaviours
  • evaluating the effectiveness of intervention, before, during, and after intervention
  • improving the accessibility of high quality assessment, including rural and remote areas
  • improving referral procedures by providing a comprehensive individual profile

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