Conflict Resolution Discussion Cards




Conflict Resolution Discussion Cards


Cards Age 11 +

Use these scenarios to help students think about how they can deal with conflicts appropriately

By Vanessa Harrison

At the heart of this resource are 20 cards of scenarios outlining an activity leading to conflict. The focus is on clashes in school, at home and in the community. These include conflicts with peers, family, teachers and other adults including those in authority. Students discuss the situation and suggest strategies for resolving the conflict. 

They can call upon the ideas on the Resolution Cards if necessary, which include:

  • Walking away 
  • Listening to what the other person is saying
  • Suggesting a solution
  • Speaking with consideration for the other person’s feelings.

For the facilitator there are guidance cards which include:

  • An introduction to the topic, the aims of the resource and how to use the cards 
  • An explanation of the importance of teaching students how to recognise and manage conflict in the context of a calm environment and effective learning
  • Ways to prepare students for classroom sessions using this resource.


The activities focus on group or pairs discussion followed by reporting back to the group. This can be supplemented with role play.

20 A5 conflict cards, 16 A5 resolution cards 

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