E-Safety for the i-Generation: Combating the Misuse and Abuse of Technology in Schools




E-Safety for the i-Generation: Combating the Misuse and Abuse of Technology in Schools

Nikki Giant


05.2013, 144 pages, softcover


How can you protect young people from the dangers of the internet, now that they are living increasingly hidden lives online? Cyber bullying, sexual harassment, cyber stalking – these are all risks that young people may face every day, and effective e-safety is more important than ever.

This practical, hands-on resource will help you understand issues such as cyber bullying and sexual dangers online, what e-safety is, how to adopt a whole school approach to e-safety, how to involve parents and carers in e-safety, and responding to incidents. It also covers how to implement an e-safety policy, with a complete e-safety model to use. The book also includes activities with photocopiable handouts to teach young people about staying safe online.

This easy-to-use manual is essential for school staff and educators, and all those working in youth and community settings.


1. Introduction.; 2. E-Safety: What Does it All Mean?; 3. The Core Messages of E-Safety.; 4. Sex and Technology.; 5. E-Safety at Home.; 6. Cyber Bullying.; 7. E-Safety as a Whole School Issue.; 8. Creating an E-Safety Policy.; 9. Responding to Incidents.; 10. Curriculum Activities and Resources.; Appendix 1. Model E-Safety Policy.; Appendix 2. Sample Staff Code of Conduct.; Appendix 3. Sample Student Code of Conduct.; Appendix 4. Sample Letter to Parents Regarding E-Safety Policy.; Appendix 5. Sample Letter to Parents Regarding an Incident of the Abuse or Misuse of Technology.; Appendix 6. Sample Questionnaire to Students.; Appendix 7. Sample Questionnaire to Parents.; Appendix 8. Sample Questionnaire to Staff. References. Index.

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