Cyberbullying Posters

Facts about Sexting Poster Pack of 5




Facts about Sexting Poster Pack of 5

Facts about Sexting Poster Pack of 5

Internet Safety and the influence of Social networking sites have become major causes for concern because of their potential to threaten physical, mental and emotional danger to users. 

Young people are especially vulnerable to these forces: many regularly access hard-line porn sites and many more send or receive sexually explicit images without either knowing or considering the consequences of these.

These posters are designed to raise awareness of the dangers inherent in social media and porn sites by:

 · equipping young people with the necessary facts and knowledge
 · helping them to recognise, identify and understand the dangers
 · building their resilience to be able to resist the temptation to indulge in dangerous practices

Includes 5 laminated A3 copies of the poster.

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