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From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Inclusive Classrooms




From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Inclusive Classrooms

From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Inclusive Classrooms


Paula Kluth and Sheila Danaher


Differentiated instruction engages students of all abilities as active learners, decision-makers, and problem solvers—making educational experiences more meaningful for all. This one-of-a-kind book proves that designing differentiated instruction can be simple and fun! Packed with creative adaptation ideas like fidget bags, doodle notes, and choice boards, this book gives K-12 educators 100 teacher-designed, kid-tested strategies they can use to meet the needs of all students in inclusive classrooms.


Ideal for helping students who need extra support, scaffolding, reminders, organization, or enrichment, this book gives general and special educators


  • Easy adaptations in 10 key areas: organization; environment and sensory; technology; communication and participation; behavior and motivation; teaching and learning; literacy; math; study and review; and assessment
  • A user-friendly layout with a description, materials list, directions, an example, references, and vendors for every entry
  • Full-color illustrations of each strategy
  • Practical advice from expert educators
  • Lists of resources and references to back up every entry


These ready-to-use, research-based adaptations enhance motivation and improve achievement for all children—including English-language learners and students with autism, emotional disabilities, cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities and other special needs. Everyone in the classroom will benefit from this timely, ultra-practical guidebook—the go-to resource for any teacher who has ever had a doubt that differentiated instruction can be simple and fun!


Adapations in 10 key areas of student need:


  • Organization
  • environment and sensory
  • technology
  • communication and participation
  • behavior and motivation
  • teaching and learning
  • literacy
  • math
  • study and review
  • assessment


03/2010, 296 pages, softcover


Table of Contents

About the Authors


1. Homework Binder
2. Adapted Agenda
3. Assignment Checklists
4. "IRS" Questions
5. Desk Map
6. Illustrated School Map
7. Stay-Put Stations
8. Color-Coded Supplies
9. Luggage Tag Reminders
10. Sticky-Tape Guides

Environment & Sensory

11. Seating Supports
12. Tennis Ball Soundproofing
13. Study Carrels
14. Lighting Supports
15. Sensory Box
16. Fidget Bag
17. Desktop Cheat Sheet
18. Visual Rules
19. Classroom Labels
20. Picture and Object Daily Schedules


21. Microsoft Word
22. Curriculum Commercials
23. PowerPoint Books
24. Keychain Tutor
25. Adapted Keyboard
26. Audio Notepad
27. Video Modeling
28. Teacher Radio
29. PowerPoint Notes
30. Audio Books

Communication & Participation

31. Personal Portfolio
32. Question Jar
33. Talking Spinner
34. Remnant Books
35. Art Options Box
36. Rubber Stamps
37. Sticky Words and Phrases
38. Writing without a Pencil
39. Content-Specific Communication Board
40. Talking Sticks

Behavior & Motivation

41. Student Surveys
42. See-Me-Strong book
43. Cue Cards
44. Partner Puzzles
45. Peer Tutor Scripts
46. Power Cards
47. Doodle Notes
48. Safe Space
49. Laptop Lectures
50. First/Then Board

Teaching & Learning

51. Adapted Worksheets
52. Curriculum Stickers
53. Hello! My Name Is __________
54. Whole-Class Response Cards
55. Pocket Sorts
56. Match Games
57. Loop Games
58. Adapted Board Games
59. "Choose and Learn" Box
60. Coloring Book Creations


61. Adapted Books
62. Personal Word Walls
63. Picture Directions
64. Story Kits
65. Collaborative Writing Notebook
66. Writing Tool Box
67. Word Attack Pack
68. "Your Turn" Scripts
69. Comprehension Sticky Notes
70. Study Support Sentence Factories


71. Math Helper
72. Tactile Numbers
73. Manipulatives Box
74. Math in Sight
75. Coded & Cued Assignments
76. Math Communication Board
77. Human Calculator
78. Math Snapshots
79. Adapted Ruler
80. Preprinted Notebook

Study & Review

81. Human Billboard
82. Personal Dictionary
83. Beach Ball Review
84. Guided Notes
85. Pocket Cards
86. Walk-It-to-Know-It
87. Match Books
88. Card Game Curriculum Review
89. Graphic Organizers
90. Graffiti Recall


91. Adapted Standards
92. Adapted Tests
93. Crib Sheets
94. Data Forms
95. Portfolios
96. Audio/Video Assessment
97. Sticky Note Record Book
98. Strengths & Strategies Profile
99. Luck-of-the-Draw Jar
100. Exit Cards

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