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Groups Programme: Your Choice




Groups Programme: Your Choice

Your Choice Series: Groups Programme


Shay and Margaret McConnon

The programme is particularly useful for those who wish to foster a co-operative, affirming and supportive class group.

Our whole life is spent in a variety of group memberships. We are born into a family group, educated in school groups, socialise in peer groups, earn a living in work groups and worship in religious groups. At every stage in our lives we belong to groups. We are socialised in groups: in fact our personal identity is derived from how we are perceived and related to by other members of our groups.


Despite this key role of groups in our lives, people are given little opportunity to understand how groups function or to develop their participation skills.

2013, 60 A4 pages, spiral binding




Strategy  1

Young people examine the role groups play in their lives and begin to look in constructive ways at the class group.

Strategies 2 – 4
Young people explore and review cohesiveness, co­ operation and communication in their class group, and decide on a plan of action for improving these processes.

Strategies 5 – 6
The role of norms and leadership are examined. Young people identify their personal leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Strategies 7 – 8
Young people create a profile of the primary and secondary roles they play in the class group and assess their ability to make decisions by consensus.

Strategies 9 - 10
Problems that currently exist in the group are focused on, and young people are given the
opportunity to find ways of resolving them.

Strategies 11 -12 Evaluation


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