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Monster Bones Board Game




Monster Bones Board Game

Monster Bones Board Game

New and exciting phonics game specifically designed to give emerging readers help with acquiring early phonic skills.

The game offers:

  • ​practice at decoding both phonetically regular words and ‘alien’ words
  • a knowledge of key ‘tricky’ words from the high frequency list
  • encouragement to children who are struggling and need more help

Players collect bones to feed the giant in the Castle at the centre of the board: the first person to get the bones and reach the castle is the winner, with an option to read a Caption Card as a final task.

The game gives lots of practice at building vc and cvc words as well as some high frequency ‘Tricky’ words.
The game includes multi-syllabic words and short captions. It may be used from the start of the Letters and Sounds programme as it comes with two sets of cards for each type of word: Set 1 for Phase 2; Set 2 for Phase 3, giving teachers scope to choose appropriate words for any group.

The set is particularly useful for children who lack motivation at reading who would benefit from a competitive game situation and for children who need more practice.  It is ideally suitable for parents to use at home to reinforce school teaching and learning.

Players may move around the board in either direction so that they can choose which colour bone to collect each turn. The rules of the game can be adapted to suit different ability players.

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