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More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in Schools (With CD-Rom




More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in Schools (With CD-Rom

More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in Schools (With CD-Rom)


Midge Odermann Mougey, Jo C Dillon and Denise Pratt


2008, 225 pages, paperback


The workbook has thirty-five new lesson plans with activities to help you teach valuable social skills to students.Use this workbook to introduce a range of social skills, from the basic (Following Instructions and Listening to Others) to the complex (Advocating for Oneself and Setting Long-Term Goals).

Lessons are written in an easy-to-follow format with talking points to help you define and explain a skill and guide students through an activity. At the end of each lesson is a Think Sheet for students with questions about how to use a skill in different settings and situations. Role-play scenarios and classroom activities also are provided so students can practice each skill's behavioral steps.

Some of the activities blend the teaching of social skills into academic lessons in math/science, language arts, social science, and physical education. Social skills include: expressing empathy, going to an assembly, accepting defeat or loss, using anger control strategies, responding to inappropriate talk/touch, completing homework, being prepared for class, accepting winning appropriately, and resisting negative peer pressure.

An ideal companion to Tools for Teaching Social Skills to Students, this workbook features a CD-ROM with reproducible worksheets and skill posters (to hang in classrooms and common areas)!

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