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Moving On From Anger




Moving On From Anger

Moving On From Anger


Activities to develop better social skills in children who can control their anger

For children who are able to manage their anger the next step is to work on other social skills, in particular communication and assertiveness. This manual covers these areas in 10 one-hour session plans, each clearly outlining the aims of the session, resources required and a step-by-step method with timings. Any resource sheets necessary for the sessions are included and can be freely copied for handing out to participants.



The sessions are: 

1 Introducing Assertive Behaviour An introduction to the topic and main terminology

2 What Do You Think You Have the Right to Do, Think and Feel?Establishing the rules for the sessions and considering personal rights

3 Behaviour Options Learning about the different behaviour options available and the importance of body language                                                           

4 More Behaviour Options! Practice at acting assertively

5 What Do I Want and How Can I Get It? Recognising wants and finding ways in which to ask for them

6 How to Ask for What I Want–Considering the best ways of asking and practice at using them

7 How to Say “No!” Learning effective ways of saying “No!”

8 Practice Makes Perfect! Acquiring confidence at saying “No!”

9 Kindly Speak Up! Learning how to express your feelings well

10 How Assertive Are You Now? An assertiveness questionnaire

The main objectives of the sessions are for children to:

  • Become aware of different behavioural options
  • Understand the differences between passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Be able to identify which is their own most used option
  • Be able to identify which option someone else is using
  • Be able to behave in an assertive manner in a variety of situations
  • Learn the four steps of assertive behaviour.

This one-stop resource includes notes on assessment and management suggestions for facilitators as well as ideas on how to run the sessions within Circle Time.

102 A4 pages, softcover + CD-ROM

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