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Now We Get It!: Boosting Comprehension with Collaborative Strategic Reading +++BESTSELLER




Now We Get It!: Boosting Comprehension with Collaborative Strategic Reading +++BESTSELLER

Janette K Klingner, Sharon Vaughn, Alison Boardman, Elizabeth Swanson


A proven method for teaching reading skills in mixed-ability classrooms.


Collaborative Strategic Reading is an innovative new approach to teaching reading that weaves together two instructional programs: cooperative learning and reading comprehension strategy instruction. In small groups, students work through the four main steps-Preview, "Click and Clunk," Get the Gist, and Wrap Up-helping each other improve comprehension and increase reading fluency. This book offers a hands-on guide to implementing CSR in grades 4 through 12. It includes sample dialogues for teachers to use during instruction, ready-to-use activities, a wealth of classroom-ready materials, and tips for training on CSR.


Bonus web content includes a PowerPoint presentation on CSR and short video clips.


  • A proven program for improving reading skills in mixed-ability classrooms
  • Janette Klingner and bestselling author Sharon Vaughn are the originators of CSR
  • CSR recently won a highly coveted i3 (Investing in Innovation) grant from the U.S. Department of Education 

How to Teach Collaborative Strategic Reading helps educators, reading specialists, and staff developers create better readers through CSR.



About the Authors v

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction: Collaborative Strategic Reading in a Nutshell xiii

Part I: Getting to Know Collaborative Strategic Reading 1

Chapter 1: How CSR Works 3

Part II: Teaching CSR in the Classroom 17

Chapter 2: Teaching the CSR Strategies to Students 19

Chapter 3: Implementing CSR Cooperative Learning 50

Chapter 4: Using Student Data to Inform Instructional Decisions 70

Part III: Providing CSR Professional Development and Ongoing Support 89

Chapter 5: Providing CSR Professional Development 91

Chapter 6: Supporting CSR Through Coaching and Booster Sessions 117

Part IV: Appendixes 139

Appendix A: Classroom-Ready CSR Materials 141

Appendix B: The Research Base Behind CSR 169




2012, 208 pages, softcover

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