All About Anxiety Discussion Cards




All About Anxiety Discussion Cards

All About Anxiety Discussion Cards

We live in a fast-moving world and anxiety levels are reportedly high. These cards give the users an

opportunity to consider what they believe to be some of the causes of anxiety, to think about possible sources of help and to learn that worry can sometimes be positive.

  • Discuss possible causes of anxiety
  • Understand that different things worry different people
  • Identify who can help when we feel anxious
  • Maintain a healthy mental attitude
  • Discover the affects of anxiety on eating patterns, socializing and personality

The cards offer a means of introducing more in-depth discussion & allow users to explore their feelings in a structured way.  They can be used with individual students as a diagnostic tool, or they can be used in small groups to promote discussion and enable the participants to challenge their own beliefs;  or they can be used with class groups to start discussion. They are also particularly useful in providing a focus for work in mental health groups. 

36 cards in a tin case  Ages 9+




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