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All About Myself  Discussion Cards




All About Myself Discussion Cards

These cards will provoke thought and discussion on aspects of personality, thereby challenging developing or previously-held assumptions.

Knowledge and understanding of oneself is essential to success in life. Many views we hold are based on inaccurate assumptions and can be damaging by encouraging us to hold beliefs that are not helpful: it is therefore equally as important to understand why we feel that way and the cards give an opportunity to explore these reasons.

This process is vital for children who are developing an idea of ‘me’ but are also relevant to young people and adults, for example, when problems have arisen and/or have  manifested in mental health issues.
The cards can be used with individual students as a diagnostic tool, i.e. the teacher/facilitator can investigate why the user feels that way and therefore suggest different viewpoints. They can be used in small groups to promote discussion and enable the participants to challenge their own beliefs. Or they can be used with class groups to start discussion.

36 cards in a tin case



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