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Robot Rage




Robot Rage

Robot RAGE Game


An exciting new game to teach children about anger management in a fun and appealing way. 

Based on a robot theme, this game has been designed for great flexibility of use and is suitable for work with individuals, with small groups or with a class group.  Facilitators can use the game on its own with 2-4 children, as a fun introduction to the topic or simply use the cards as prompts for whole class discussion.


Children will:
• Understand what makes them angry
• Learn to identify triggers
• Learn coping strategies
• Learn communication skills
• Come to understand exacerbating factors
• Explore options in how they respond to anger
• Problem solve

Playing the game will also help pupils to learn rules and to take turns, as well as giving an opportunity for pupils to read instructions and with a purpose.

Set contains:
74 playing cards
4 robot playing pieces
1 Die
1 Spinner
Base Board
Full instructions and suggestions for use.



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