Self-Awareness Programme: Your Choice




Self-Awareness Programme: Your Choice

Your Choice: Self-Awareness Programme


Shay and Margaret McConnon

Help young people to a more accurate awareness of self, to be clearer about their life goals and to make a start on achieving these, students will gain a clearer self-identity and a greater control over their lives.

Our chances of being successful in life and achieving life goals are increased when we perceive ourselves accurately. Knowledge of self is not easy and young people's perception of themselves, their behaviours and the consequences of  these behaviours are often inaccurate.

The book divides naturally into three sections: past (where I have come from); present (where I am now);  and future (where I am  going to).


2013, 68 A4 pages, spiral Binding




Strategy   1
Young people look to the past and become aware of achievements and significant moments in their lives.

Strategies 2 -4
Young people focus on themselves in the present, examining their behaviour, values, attitudes and feelings.

Strategies 5-6
Young people are helped to see themselves as others see them and invite their peers to assess them on a checklist of personal characteristics.

Strategies 7-8
Young people now look to themselves in the future and think about the type of person they would like to be, together with ways for making a success of life.

Strategies 9-11
Long-term goals are and positive steps to achieving these goals decided on. 

Strategies 12- 13
By playing a board game, students identify what they would ideally like from life and are encouraged to take steps to achieve this. And finally there is an evaluation of the students' responses to this course.



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