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Self Esteem: Emotional Literacy in Action




Self Esteem: Emotional Literacy in Action

Your choice: Self Esteem

Shay & Margaret McConnon

Low self Esteem can have a negative effect on both mental wellbeing and behaviour, but - "A high self-esteem environment is a high performing environment" .

Your choice-self esteem is based on experiential learning methods, the book contains 15 session plans, with accompanying photocopiable worksheets and suggested work, designed to enhance self-esteem, recognise strengths and reflect on personal qualities.
This is a flexible resource, and is equally effective when delivered in bite size chunks.


• recognising individual strengths
• discovering positive personal qualities 
• develop open interaction and trust.
• learn social skills – handling positive and negative 'put-downs'
• encouraging reflection and discussion
• develop insight into behaviour

1 It's Good To Be Me!
2 Be Proud!
3 If I Could Choose
4 Feeling Good
5 It's Great To Be Me!
6 Thank You, I...
7 Put-Downs
8 How To Handle Put-Downs
9 Illusions
10 Be Happy
11 Positive Strokes
12 What It Feels Like To Be Me
13 You Are OF Worth But...
14 What Now?
15 What Have We Got On?



The Full Programme


Active Learning Your Choice Introduction
Assertiveness Programme
Boyfriends, Girlfriends Programme
Conflict Programme
Decision Making Programme
Feelings Programme
Groups Programme
Interpersonal Communication Programme
Nature of Friendship Programme
Self Awareness Programme
Self Esteem Programme
Skills of Friendship Programme
Stress Programme


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