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Sequencing Stuff *(Aust Pub) +++ BESTSELLER




Sequencing Stuff *(Aust Pub) +++ BESTSELLER

Heidi Rees (Speech Pathologist) and Rebecca Clark (Speech Pathologist)

 “Sequencing Stuff” was written by speech pathologists for people working with children on oral and written language skills. The activities are designed so they can be used  immediately. There is little or no preparation time needed and most of the activity sheets are self  explanatory. Children will improve in their ability to sequence the steps of stories and procedures. Problem solving tasks are also included.

 There are four chapters:  Simple Sequencing - blanks, 5 step sequences (10 activities).

 Sequencing for Procedures - Blank procedure plan, Fill in the  materials (5 activities), Number the steps  (5 activities), Fill in the steps (5 activities), Fill in the procedure (5 activities).

 Problem Solving and Sequencing Stories - Provide the solutions (5 activities), Sequence the solutions (5 activities),      Complete the story - solution provided, Complete the story - provide the solution.

 Sequencing Activities - Making Slime, Balloon Faces, Making a Card, Making a Game, Making an Elephant Face, Paper  Aeroplane, Making a Dice, People String, Dot to Dot.

 Published 1999,   A4, 101 Pages

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