Skills of Friendship Programme: Your Choice




Skills of Friendship Programme: Your Choice

Your Choice: Skills of Friendship Programme

Shay and Margaret McConnon

Create opportunities for young people to develop skills and their own interpersonal style which will allow them to enjoy positive and successful relationships with others.

The skills involved in relating in a positive way with others do not come easily for some young people. Without help, they will continue to be isolated and rejected because of poor 'friendship skills'.

People are liked, are popular and have friends because they behave in certain ways. Such behaviours are not necessarily 'caught' but can be 'taught'.


2013, 52 A4 pages, spiral binding



Strategies 1 -3
Leads students to a deeper understanding of empathy and provides opportunities to practise behaviours which convey empathy.

Strategies 4-6
The role of trust in friendship is examined. Attention is drawn to the importance of making people feel welcomed and valued and of ways for achieving this.

Strategies 7-9
Somebasic interpersonal communication skills are now examined and practised.  Particular attention is given to the
skill of listening and young people are alerted to the importance of getting the other person to talk about his or her interests.

Strategies 10-11
Young people assess themselves on the skills of friendship that have been identified and examined in the course. The assessment leads to an identification of behaviour goals and the opportunity for students to commit themselves to these goals using a structured plan for behaviour change.

Strategies 12-13
The module concludes by encouraging students to apply their skills of friendship to existing relationships and by seeking students' responses to the exercises in this book.

The worksheet TIPS FOR FRIENDSHIP on p. 43 could be enlarged and displayed as a reminder of some of the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of friendship.



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