Social Skills Discussion Cards




Social Skills Discussion Cards

E A Morris

A 'pick up and use' library of discussion starts on social skills for use with young people

Good social skills are one of the most important components of emotional intelligence, ensuring a strong sense of self, a sense of belonging and a sense of personal power. This pack contains 28 activity cards each showing three statements:

  • A positive inner belief that is effective in developing social skills, such as 'We pay attention to how other people feel'
  • A negative and unhelpful inner belief that hinders the development of social skills, such as 'Paying attention to other people means I don't get what I want'
  • An affirmation of the positive inner belief, such as 'I am interested in how you feel'

This format encourages discussion and enables discussion and enables students to see the contrasts between positive and negative beliefs, and the enriching benefits of the affirmations that can arise from a healthy belief system.

Ages 11-16

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