Small World

Space Adventure Game




Space Adventure Game


Space Adventure Game

New and exciting phonics game specifically designed to give emerging readers help with acquiring early phonic skills.

The game offers:

  • ​practice at decoding both phonetically regular words and ‘alien’ words
  • a knowledge of key ‘tricky’ words from the high frequency list
  • encouragement to children who are struggling and need more help

A Phonics board game for four players based on Letters and Sounds Phase 4

Players race to reach the landing stage back on Earth by collecting space rocks.
The game gives practice at building  ccvc and cvcc words in Set 1, with ccvcc and cccvc and cccvcc words in Set 2.

It also reinforces learning from Phases 2 and 3 together with high frequency words. Polysyllabic words are included, plus short sentences.

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