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Spotlight on Social Skills Adolescent Set




Spotlight on Social Skills Adolescent Set

Spotlight on Social Skills Adolescent 6-Book Set

Ages: 11-18   Grades: 6-Adult    


Increase success in social communication with instruction that systematically targets specific skills and uses a variety of learning methods. 



  • Use appropriate social communication and social interactions
  • Detect and interpret others' perspectives correctly
  • Boost self-esteem by learning how to control social interactions


The activities teach explicit aspects of social skills in everyday contexts with these learning strategies: 

  • explicit instruction
  • modeling
  • observation
  • discussion
  • role-playing
  • other guided practice

The activity pages are filled with graphic organizers and interesting photos.  The lessons give students specific, clear directions that help them navigate their often confusing social world.  The lessons can be presented to individual students or small groups of students.  A pretest/posttest is included in each book.

You may purchase the books individually or as a 6-book set. 


The 6-book set consists of:


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Conversations

Practice the art of good conversation by taking turns speaking and listening, responding to conversation openers, handling shifts in topics, requesting clarification and repairing communication errors, and more.


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Emotions

Explore how emotion affects responses and how to respond appropriately to others' emotional states.  Learn how to handle bullies and to use self-control in emotionally-charged situations as well as consider hidden factors for a behavior.


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Getting Along

Learn essential skills such as identifying others' moods, using kind words, asking appropriate questions, giving and receiving criticism, and more.


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Interpersonal Negotiation

Improve conflict management by identifying the other party's perspective or a mutual perspective, discussing the problem and listening to the other party, finding mutually beneficial solutions, and accepting outcomes graciously.


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Making Social Inferences

Presents a wide variety of contexts for practice in making accurate inferences and responding appropriately with activities like using information from body language and asking appropriate questions, exploring social expectations, making appropriate social comment, understanding indirect requests, judging intentions, and more.


Spotlight on Social Skills: Adolescent Nonverbal Language

Become a keen observer of nonverbal language and understand the meaning of personal space, posture, facial expression, tone of voice, and emotions.  Learn to identify and use active listening. 


2009, 6-Book Set: each book 40 pages, pretest/posttest, answer key

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