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Story Stuff *(Aust Pub) +++ BESTSELLER




Story Stuff *(Aust Pub) +++ BESTSELLER

Heidi Rees (Speech Pathologist) and Rebecca Clark (Speech Pathologist)

This is a resource designed by speech pathologists for helping children with  difficulties with oral and written narrative. The resources included in “Story Stuff” have been  written to be self  explanatory; a set of resource sheets that can be copied and used immediately with the child without having to read through copious amounts of instructions.

 There are four chapters:

 Plans - simple, complex, examples

 Story Pictures - who, where, when, what, feelings

 Conjunctions - and, then, because, before, after, but, if, so, when

 Feelings - happy, sad, hungry, thirsty, tired, excited, angry, scared, mixed.

   Published 2000,   A4,  83 Pages

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