Social Skills

Talkabout Board Game




Talkabout Board Game

Alex Kelly and Brian Sains


A fun way to develop 5 key skill areas.


This board game has been designed to support work on social communication skills, self esteem and friendship skills for children ages 7-16..


The Talkabout board game is a journey through the week where a player will encounter a number of different social skills tasks that need to be completed in order to get to the end of the week.


The purpose of the game is to work together.  There is therefore no winner.  Once a player has got to the middle of the board, their role is to help the others to get there too.


The game can be played at 6 different levels by using the different colour coded packs to work on different skills:

  • Self awareness and self esteem
  • Body language
  • Conversational skills
  • Friendship skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Any combination of the above


2-6 Players


1 game board, 6 Talkabout character pieces, 5 sets of Talkabout challenge cards; 1 set Chance cards, Dice

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