The Bullying Intervention Toolkit




The Bullying Intervention Toolkit

This Australian resource provides schools with a range of effective bullying intervention strategies. The strategies are all solution focused, encourage individuals to make pro-social choices, avoid labelling and aim to educate and heal, rather than punish.


The authors believe that no one intervention for bullying works best in all circumstances. Effective intervention occurs when teachers have a range of strategies, with the accompanying knowledge and skills to know when - and when not - to use them. Making a choice about which approach to use is critical to the success of the intervention.


The authors provide guidance to help make this choice, along with facilitator notes and detailed scripts.


The resource includes:

  • 60 page book
  • 4 large laminated scripts-A4 size
  • Method of Shared Concern
  • Classroom Conference Early Years
  • Classroom Conference
  • Support Group Method
  • 5 pocket scripts
  • restorative chat early years
  • restorative chat
  • No Blame brief intervention
  • mediation
  • small group discussion

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