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The Nature of Friendship Programme: Your Choice:




The Nature of Friendship Programme: Your Choice:

Your Choice: The Nature of Friendship Programme

Shay and Margaret McConnon

THE NATURE OF FRIENDSHIP offers a programme of structured experiences which aim to help  students to understand what friendship is and in  particular to explore those qualities  and  behaviours which promote  good relations  between people.

Friends are important. The ability to relate in a positive way with others is important too. People who are unable to do so often experience isolation, rejection  and  suffer from adjustment problems . Studies show that children who fail in relationships are more likely to get into trouble  at school, break the law, and have more mental health  problems when  they  become adults.


2013, 50 A4 pages, spiral binding


Strategies 1 -2
Students are encouraged to reflect on  their experience of relationships, make evaluative  decisions on what helpful and unhelpful to friendship, and share opinions and views on friendship.

Strategies 3-5
Attention is directed to 'winners' and 'losers' in friendship. Young people identify and evaluate those behaviours, personal qualities and attitudes or characteristics that help or spoil relationships. The consequences of these behaviours are also explored.

Strategies 6-8
Young people are given the opportunity of assessing themselves against the criteria arrived at in the previous strategies. 

Strategy 9
The assessment phase leads to an identification of behaviour goals and the opportunity for students to commit themselves to these goals using a structured plan for behaviour change.

Strategies 10-11
Students are encouraged to translate friendship ideals into real-life situations familiar to them and are given the opportunity to be creative in describing what friendship means to them.

Strategy 12
The book concludes with an evaluation of the student's personal response to the exercises in this book.



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