TheraBee 4 – Buzzing Grammar Activities




TheraBee 4 – Buzzing Grammar Activities

TheraBee 4 – Buzzing Grammar Activities


Belinda Hill


Relevant to Australian children
Great for home practise
Clear instructions
Easy for teachers, parents & aides to follow
Oral & written language

Fun pictures & content
Numerous levels
Use for individuals or groups
Range of age groups

Time savers
Australian Made



This language program is devised to develop children’s understanding and use of grammar. The activities can be used for both infants and primary school age children. The program may be used to develop written grammar with opportunity to record responses. The tasks will also prove useful for developing grammar in children with ESL difficulties.


The following grammatical structures are targeted in the activities: present progressive – ing; personal pronouns – he, she, it, they; objective pronouns – him, her; subjective  pronouns – himself, herself; possessive pronouns – his, hers; copula verbs – is, are; auxillary verbs – is, are, was, were; verbs – has, have, had; verbs – does, do, did; articles –a, the; regular past tense – ed; irregular past tense; regular plurals - +s, +es; irregular plurals; comparatives and superlatives; noun derivations; adjective derivations; third person regular - +s; verb contractions.


All activities are reproducible and suitable for individual and group instruction.


Published June 2005, 70 Pages, A4 Spiral Bound

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