Working with Aggressive Youth: Positive Strategies to Teach Self-Control and Prevent Violence




Working with Aggressive Youth: Positive Strategies to Teach Self-Control and Prevent Violence

Daniel L Daly and Michael Sterba Boys Town Press


Angry, aggressive, or violent youth threaten the well-being of themselves, other children, and caregivers in any setting – schools, foster care, group homes, or mental health facilities. They may need medication and therapy to treat their problems, but they also must learn how to control negative thoughts and emotions without turning to aggressive behavior.

The authors first offer a definition of aggression (as well as what it is not), discuss the two types of aggression, proactive and reactive, and how to identify each one, and explore current theories of and research on aggression. The book describes practical, effective short- and long-term ideas and strategies for defusing aggression in youth based on the approach and proven teaching methods developed at Boys Town and incorporated into the Boys Town ModelSM. Readers learn how to build good relationships with youth and teach them pro-social behavior. Also offered are sample Treatment Plans from a variety of settings that will help caregivers see how intervention strategies can be developed for aggressive youth and used in different environments.

Included is a social skills chart that can be used as an easy reference guide by caregivers as they teach new pro-social skills to replace old behaviors. The chart shows which skills work best with specific types of aggression and aggressive behaviors.

Working with Aggressive Youth can help teachers, school counselors, social workers, probation officers, psychologists, foster parents, child care staff, and administrators teach angry youth how to calm down, use self-control strategies, and solve problems in positive ways.


2011, 225 pages, paperback

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